Natural Shampoo 100g

Hair & Scalp Treatment Powder


Nourish the hair and scalp, and prevent premature grey hair with this powder shampoo. Formulated with Amla, also called “fruit of youth and beauty” for its rejuvenation properties, to help add texture and volume to hair. It protects and strengthens the roots, prevents hair loss and minimizes and prevents dandruff.




Natural Shampoo 100g

Powder for Stronger Hair Roots


A revitalizing shampoo formulated with a blend of Guarana and Reetha to prevent hair loss, invigorate scalp and promote hair growth while making hair strong and shiny. Cleanses without striping hair of natural oils.





Natural Shampoo 100g

Volume & Shine Hair Powder


This volume boosting powder shampoo that removes dulling dirt, oil, and product buildup that weigh hair down without stripping hair of its natural oils. Rich in Shikakai, Reetha and Rose Protein to nourish, strengthen, promote hair growth, and build volume.    

Natural Shampoo 250ml

Hair & Scalp Treatment


This extra mild, moisture-rich cleanser helps rid the scalp and follicles of build-up improving the condition of the scalp and aiding in the delivery vitamins and nutrients to the hair root. Infused with Coconut Oil to provide deep moisturization , smoothness and shine.


Natural Hair Conditioner 250ml

Hair & Scalp Treatment


This moisture-rich conditioner is formulated with Avocado Oil to treat dry, brittle, and damaged hair by adding and locking in moisture to strengthen hair. Nutrients, proteins and folic acid are easily absorbed into the hair and scalp to improve elasticity, and minimize frizz and breakage. Leaves hair healthy and shiny.    


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